Love Begets Love

“Were our meditations on the Lord’s appreciation of our love more deep, earnest, and simple, we should be more undivided in heart for Him.  Love begets love.  It is the fire I sit at that warms me.  The nearer the fire, the warmer I am.  The nearer I am to the heart of Christ, the warmer will be my own, and the more intense the flame of love to Him.  As well might I think of getting warmed by going out to the garden and looking at the snow, as getting more love to Christ by looking to myself, thinking of myself, and trying to increase my love  for Him.

But, somehow, many say, I do not grow in love to Him, and in appreciation of His love to me, and I do desire to feel more love to Him.  Well, then, if it is the fire I sit at that warms me, it is also the food I eat that satisfies me.  Let thy soul feed on Christ.  And a rich repast thou wilt find in this wonderful chapter.  Meditate thereon.  It will bear being studied, word by word.  And oh!  Think of the heart that each word flows from.  Unbelief lets the words of Christ go for nothing, faith feeds on them.  But be sure and rise in thy meditations to the heart from whence they flow.  Every study His words in fellowship with Himself.  Beware of separating the word from the Person of Christ.  Thus shalt thy love increase, and thy practical conformity to Himself grow exceedingly.”

(from Meditations of the Song of Solomon by Andrew Miller)

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